Spațiu comercial de vânzareDe vânzare

3.000.000 EUR

Suprafață totală (㎡)









  • Raion: Ialoveni
  • Suprafață totală (㎡): 37484.0
  • Suprafață construită (㎡): 6659.0
  • Suprafață teren (ari): 3.75
  • Camere: 20
  • Băi: 4
  • Bucătării: 1


    Sistem electric

  • Generator de urgență
  • Sursă principală de alimentare
  • Alte spații

  • WC serviciu
  • Utilități teren

  • Branșare la curent
  • Branșare la apă
  • Branșare la canalizare
  • Branșare la gaz
  • Utilități în zonă
  • Sursă de alimentare

  • Sursă suplimentară de energie din generator
  • Gradul de amenajare al străzilor

  • Asfaltate
  • Utilități generale

  • Branșare la curent
  • Branșare la apă
  • Branșare la canalizare
  • Branșare la gaz
  • Ferestre

  • Lemn
  • PVC
  • Contorizare

  • Contor gaz
  • Apometre
  • Contor căldură
  • Contor electric
  • Detalii tehnice

  • Partiționare
  • Control al accesului
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«Zimbreni Winery» is located is positioned at a strategic point in the middle of the Republic of Moldova with easy access to the main national and international routes and maritime ports. There are four wine protected Geographical Indication Regions in the Republic of Moldova (PGI): Codru, Stefan Voda, Valul lui Traian and Divin. Each PGI are legally protected both in the Republic of Moldova and in the European Union. The Republic of Moldova is located in southeastern Europe. It shares borders with Romania in the west and Ukraine in the east. Moldova is located in the same latitudes as some of the best wine regions in France. Although she's climate is more similar to Burgundy, its latitudes are similar to those of Bordeaux, between 46 ° and 48 ° north latitude. The countryside is characterised by alternating green hills and valleys with heights ranging from 100 to 300 meters above sea level. Moldavian wine is created with care and passion from selected vineyards, and adapted to the local terroir. It reflects the authenticity and traditional style of our winemaking and is intended for consumers keen on amazing discoveries. The millennial tradition of winemaking in Moldova dates back to around 3000 BC, and the first mentions of vineyards date back to around 7000 BC. Viticulture and winemaking in this region has a special place in the local culture. The winery has a large modern production capacity with the ability to extended and updated production technologies.

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